Author Topic: A question about IRQ settings.  (Read 492 times)

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A question about IRQ settings.
« on: January 19, 2003, 04:32:11 pm »
Hi guys,

Well I am starting all over again....with a pair of Western Digital hard drives.  After backing up my first IBM 75 GXP to my second ...for the third time (two had fried) the third one did too.  Ordered a WD1200JB to backup the backup drive too but it arrived broken...L-buy was 'kind' enough to inform me that they relied on a manufacturers warranty and sent me a used "refurbished' drive for the price of a new one.  Unfortunately while they spent three weeks dinking around before sending it me my other IBM fried.  So now i have the pleasure of starting all over again....most of my data lost....etc.

Anyway I managed to back up my cablenut setting to tape before this fracus....and while reinstalling them I had occasion to add Irq10buffer=7168 in the
winnt\syst.ini as is suggested in the instructions. (my nic card irq was 10 prior to making this adjustment)  The wierd thing is that after I made said adjustment the nic IRQ changed to is now sharing the irq of other devices...

System Information report written at: 01/19/2003 03:19:45 PM

Resource   Device
IRQ 11   3Dlabs Oxygen VX1
IRQ 11   Intel 21143 Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
IRQ 11   Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller

What is going on here?  Did the adjustment force the IRQ to change to 11?  If so why?  What is the adjustment supposed to do?   I am worried that this adjustment  has screwed with IRQ assignment...and possibly caused a conflict.  From the research I have done it appears that there is no way in win2k to reset the nic irq to 10.

Anyway, if you could clear this up....and explain what this adjustment is supposed to achieve and why after making it my nic irq moved up one number I sure would appreciate it.


Rapid Creek