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Re:DSL tweaking
« Reply #28 on: February 13, 2003, 05:16:51 am »
Ok, here I go again!  I'm trying to install the Ethernet 300 so I can see if it works better than my SBC Yahoo crap.  I was having trouble keeping my dl speed up so I thought maybe I'd try the Ethernet 300.  As far as uninstalling the SBC stuff what needs to go or do I need to get rid of it?  I wish I could just send a pic of what I have but I'll try to explain as best I can.

My connection icons in my Network connections window:
Broadband connection WAN
Miniport (PPPoE)
its checked as default connection

Lan or High Speed Internet:
Local Area Connection 4
Network Cable unplugged
Efficient Networks Enternet P.P.P.o.E. Adapter

Local Area Connection
Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection

1394 Connection
1394 Adapter

What do I need to do?  The local area connection for the efficient won't allow me to enable it and I always have to right click on the DSL connection icon and connect to get on.  

Also it's been awhile since my first post so incase you need my OS info I'm using XP.  ;D  
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