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« on: February 20, 2003, 03:18:14 pm »
For everyones protection

 >:(  Over the past two weeks we have tightened Security on the board.
From patchs to adding on redirects internally that you wont see.
We even added a program that email the administrators when someone attemps to scan the board in such a way to try and get personal information.
That program instantly send us the following
Your IP address revers DNS lookup and your ISP info along with your MAC address and SAS information

Anyone that scans the board in such a way as to break in crack or even hack we know who you are within seconds.

If its done to the point where its often enough we contact your ISP or provider with all the logs on this and it is possible to loose that high speed connection you had to practically jump through hoops to get

I hate saying this but. One person on Comcast has already lost their connection due to flooding.
We have a list of 7 others where their ISPs have been contacted.
While this is a "public Free help forum". This site is not on a public server which means. you can be prosicuted to a higher level of the law.

The information: Its required that you have an account to post or even send a private message.
We dont spam and its free.
We can be very tolerant over allot of things, and in 3 years between our several boards we have only had to ban 2 people that later got reversed.
Now all of a sudden a we have a list of 8.

Please Bare in mind we are here to help and the cost of this site to run is allot higher than people realize.
We also beleive in protecting your information.

That all said can we have some fun

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