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Dear SBC Customer
« on: January 28, 2004, 11:02:26 pm »
Dear SBC Customer:


Earlier this week, some of our customers received an email message appearing to come from an SBC Billing department and claiming their service would be terminated if they did not respond. These emails are fraudulent and do not come from any SBC company or affiliate. Those responsible for sending these messages may be attempting to obtain personal information from recipients with false claims that "account information needs to be updated" or that "any failure in updating your records will result in account suspension."

Some of these emails direct consumers to a "look-alike," unsecured web site and request they enter their updated credit card and personal information - such as User IDs, passwords, and ATM passwords. No SBC company has requested this information, and we caution you not to provide your information to this web site.

If you received the fraudulent email and provided any information, you may "reply" to this email to receive additional information regarding steps you can take to protect yourself. Simply hit "reply" and "send" and an automated response will be sent to you.

This type of fraudulent email is just one example of the types of email scams spreading throughout the Internet community. While the purpose of some emails is identity theft, such as the example above, others target the spreading of computer viruses. If you receive a suspicious email, you should delete it immediately.

To provide you with added protection against email viruses, scan your computer for viruses on a weekly basis and maintain continuous, up-to-date anti-virus protection. For information on anti-virus software, you can visit the retail sites listed below:

   Norton Anti-Virus
   McAfee Anti-Virus

For more information on email viruses and scams such as this, you can visit and or to find out more about the SBC Consumer Alert regarding the Identity Theft scam, go to,,31,00.html?query=20977.

We appreciate your business.


SBC Internet Services
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