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« on: February 25, 2004, 12:06:07 pm »
For the past two weeks, Theirs been massive complaints from people who saw recommendations for Spybot-S&D on some TV show or heard about it on radio, and tried to go for it through the TV/radios website.
Somehow, a bad link to Spybot-S&D is on its way and leading people to think that SpyHunter or SpyKiller would be the recommended Spybot-S&D. People downloading these two are forced to pay to remove spyware, and in the case of SpyKiller are even directed to the original Spybot for support!

So my warning: please double-check what you've got before you pay anything!

Also, if you were mislead to SpyHunter or SpyKiller through Google AdWords, please contact Google. Google promised them some weeks ago they wouldn't do any more advertisement on my trademarked name "spybot", but I again receive complaints that they do, and this struggle with Google is going on for 4 months now.

Not to mention that the FAKE spybot site(s) has spyware Like that never happens.. <-- Google Contact page

Spybot Search and Destroy also has a NEW beta version out
you can download here
Get the original Spybot S&D here

Keep the real deal forget about the leachs Spyhunter and SpyKiller Ive tryed them and I'm not impressed.
Spyware in desguis
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