Author Topic: ANOTHER BAD VIRUS !!!, or hoax part 4. (3)  (Read 965 times)

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ANOTHER BAD VIRUS !!!, or hoax part 4. (3)
« on: April 21, 2002, 10:51:25 am »
Yes itīs real or is it.

(Wanted to make sure you saw this)

There have been a number of "virus alerts," but I guarantee you THIS ONE IS
GENUINE!!! It has many names? but the more common derivative is named the
"Dumbarshe Virus." The interesting twist of this particularly malicious
virus is that it DOESN'T infect computers OR their files, but more
insidiously infects THE COMPUTER USER with paranoia! This is how it works:
1. The computer user receives an e-mail, usually from a friend or
well meaning associate
2. The computer user reads the dire virus warnings studiously,
imagining his or her precious vacation pictures or dirty videos being
wiped from their hard drive
3. The computer user then thinks of all their friends who forward
them the nice dirty pictures or raunchy jokes and realizes if this
virus hits them, there goes their entertainment
4. The computer user then forwards the warning to ALL the people in
their address book, hoping to head off personal catastrophe
5. All the computer users' recipients do in kind, perpetuating
someone's sick idea of entertainment
6. Once in a while the virus is 'caught' by someone astute enough
to investigate the dire virus warning at such a sight as and effecting a cure for the virus by
debunking it!!

Please forward this NEW VIRUS ALERT to EVERYONE in your address book!

P.S.: The Dumbarshe Virus has nailed a few people a couple of times. Don't perpetuate
a Dumbarshe Virus!!!!!

This helpful news above was brought to you with the help of a good friend.
Thankyou Tom of
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