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This past week NUTS
« on: April 28, 2002, 11:23:25 pm »
Ok the Nuts and bolts of this past week
Lavasoft maker of Ad-aware released a new version of there tool for eliminating spyware it turned out another software called RadLight has been deleting ad-aware from users machines so that they can have control of your machine.. More info in the Discussion forum.

Iklez the worm email virus has made a strong return again its more malicious make sure your anti virus is up to date. Check the virus company of choice to see there info on Virus's
If you don't have a virus tool you can get a real good one for free here. AVG antivirus

Also not to many people know it but here is a place with FREE office software for Windows
It can open and work with MS Word or Excel even Wordperfect

Also Ide like to send out a warn welcome to all our new users.. If you need help you can find plenty of information in the Discussion forum. Its free and most of the users help out from the Administrators to the Moderators and the regular users. Theirs a real good base of help from your connection problems to software

Now to the previous news below I got tons of email on this.. Please watch out for the Hoax type stuff make sure its a virus Just because someone says it is in the email its a good Idea to always double check. Like my warning above. Dont take my word for it
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