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« on: July 29, 2005, 11:30:16 pm »
The DSL wiring pages are in need of a lift/rewrite.. There are some wild changes comming and its needed a lift for some time.
I started a FAQ at this link below.. Also looking for input.. Spelling corrections are allowed  ;)
Click here FAQ

The reason for all of this is to make some added info available and to clear up some other info about using CAT5 vs other wiring. IT will also include how to wire a couple of differant spliters. Joslyns vs SBC vs the no need to complcate splitters that are out their.

All HELPFUL suggestions welcome..  ;) ;D
Please try to keep the info in this thread. or at least put a link up... Thanks
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« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2005, 02:39:13 pm »
# Can I use wire other than CAT5 ?

Yes, Keep in mind you should not get the inexpensive flat Phone line you'd use for your phones. Use Cat3 or better to keep radio interference to a Minimum. The better the line the cleaner the signal.. CAT6-700Mhz line is probably the most optimal you can get. Mix that with a "Joslyn brand" splitter and you may not have to reboot your modem again except for extreme conditions. Something to also keep in mind not covered in the wiring pages is that CAT5 not 6 can have limitations based on the weather.. Some of the wiring can pop. It generally happens in the spring when we have more moisture in the air with varied temps. Cat6 is simply a better/heavier more reliable wire.
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# Filters on the phones ?

Without the filters connected at the phones you'll get nuttin but noise when trying to make a call. The filters are the cheapest option the Telco companies have to getting your DSL up and going without sending out one of there tech's. If and when you have a chance and you fall in love with your NEW DSL line Get the splitter and run that independent line. Splitter's have been known to be bad right out of the box or have bad solder points inside that can cause frequent disconnections but without them it would be hard to have a conversation. Make sure you connect them according to the manufacturers instructions.
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# I get click noise on the phone?

Check or change out your filters when in use. Also if you have newer business phones. You may have to reset the system after a power outage. This can also be true of any phone that uses a battery backup type of system similar to some of the 2 line AT&T phones. Clicking when on the phone can also be a sign of a lost connection by the DSL modem. In that case check to make sure all your connections are clean and tight.
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# Line Polarity will it make a Difference?

In some case's making sure polarity is correct can make a difference. Their are still area's in major metro area's that still have older exchanges. In the future we may not have to worry at all. Anyone that tells you that polarity isn't gonna make a difference hasn't run into some of the older exchanges in Chicago, New York, Atlanta or Even Washington.
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# Shouldn't I have a splitter ?

In most cases if you run a independent line from outside to your Modem/bridge/router you should take the option for the splitter. It can actually make the signal better over using a filter. Filters may not stand up outside but can help.

# What can interfere with DSL ?

Older modems had inherent problems with just about everything. To this date, with even the newer DSL Modems there are things in the home and business that can interfere or slow you up as much as half speed. Things that can. Older Monitors. Try to keep you DSL modem at least 6 feet away from any monitor esp. a CRT Some 900Mhz phone equipment has been known to cause a loss of the connection. So move the wireless phone base into a different room. Low voltage halogen and some high voltage halogen with dimmers ave been known to knock out a connection. Phone lines ran next to a Florescent fixture have been known to kill the DSL not to mention kill a network as well. IF you turn on your Microwave and the DSL drops Trust me its time for a new Microwave. Moral is try to keep things that can produce electrical noise away.....

Couple spelling corrections via spell checker done for you on above  ;)   via

In  case you want to mention it, a good source for cat cable and jacks, punchdown style jacks and tools is Home Depot.  Look at electrical and then datacom

Nice Writeup!    ;) :)
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