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Spammers be warned
« on: January 07, 2009, 01:21:16 pm »
If you sign up here do not place advertisements in your signature without prior consent from a Admin first in writing.
If you place a Addvirt in a post or thread without prior permission it will be treated as Spam and your info along with a email(s) to your ISP and DNS with the appropriate information will be sent.
Today we had a Cable subscription cancelled to a user that played to many games on Charter.
I wont post the info on the person but I'm sure they will think twice before using there ISP for aspamming again..

On a positive note 99% of all people that come to the board are looking for real help and we feal most of everyone thats registered here are great. But when we have to spend time cleaning up after script kiddies and alike it takes away from being able to help others.

In any event help us keep it clean

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