Author Topic: U.S Military Leak in NZ, ATT Sell out your Email, Fedora linux  (Read 663 times)

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U.S Military Leak in NZ, ATT Sell out your Email, Fedora linux
« on: January 30, 2009, 10:54:37 pm »
US Military info leaks in New Zealand
I guess this is a Real good reason to not allow any USB devices in any office ;D
For some reason AT&T felt it proper to sell the email addresses to a third
party company to send out Advertisements
Heck ATT probably paid them.
if you click on the link(s) you'll be listed forever..
For services from AT&T always go to there website..

I did a full check on this.. Customer service has no idea what I was talking
about.. But they did remove our email addresses from all advertising email.
It has to be requested that there wireless dept stop as well.. Yes I had to
call customer service direct..

If you need to know the technical end of it the emails origin

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([])

legend.postdirect is listed on the spam data bases across the internet
they can also come in under other company names as well.. Like YesMail
Fedora Linux

Yesterday we decided to give the NEW Version 10 of Fedora Linux a try..
Its a great package you can use it to run direct from the CD and if your happy with it tell it to install from the GUI and in a few minutes your up and running.
It networks well to Windows, XP Win2000 and Server versions and the file transfers are stable and Fast..
It was more then I expected.. I was able to install programs from the Add remove interface over the internet and the Network Printer setup was like plug and play. Not plug and pray ;D
It also supports IPv6 for them of you that want to know.
OK now for the BAD

If you decide to download the ISO file and install it.
DO NOT RUN UPDATES to the OS at this time.
For some reason the Critical updates or Security updates will ruin your day and you'll find out as I did that there is a ongoing issue that will end up disabling a few items.
Like printing and full network control and user control like having to tell mozilla to work online everytime you open it..
AGAIN thats only if you allow the updates to run..

Bottom line I give "Fedora Linux 10" a solid 9 for the Desktop version and will try some of the server end of the software later on.

I think for one thread that should be enough info for today
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