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Internet providers
« on: December 28, 2011, 01:10:10 pm »
Such as AT&T Comcast and Megapath. As of late AT&T has what seems to have a shortage on U-verse parts, components and refues to upgrade you to U-verse if you have a preexisting DSL from another provider even if you request a Dry line.. But most of all there short on people to sell and install the equipment. So if you want U-verse you get blackmailed into getting rid of your other provider that's on your shared line

Comcast or as I like to call them Con-cast, has had its short comings. Price is a Big factor and they seem to not keep agreements with there customers. They also seem to have more outages and never have to follow FCC rules when it comes to keeping there phone service running.. Example: The Snow storm that hit Chicago this year. Put the phone service off line for several days. Where DSL and phones from the Telco worked fine. Even Satellite worked threw the storm.

Since Megapath started working a bunch of providers and doing the billing for them such as covad and speedstream complaints are all over the web about the currant management. They seem to be short handed and not putting out outage reports properly...

Personally I feel bad for all the people that have to do phone support because they have there hands tied with the rules these companies setup So I never YELL or SCREAM when trying to help my predicament. I try to keep it as much fun as possible after all its not brain surgery.
I do blame the companies for not being better prepared to handle what they sell and the companies that supply the equipment.. They should do a better job and stop running there businesses like congress.

Times are tight with money for all of us including a lot of businesses...
I'd like to hear from you on what problems your having with the providers Cause it seems like it might get worse. I decided I won't be making to many changes till after March 2012..
After that I might take my $300 a month communications bill to Magic Jack ;D

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Re: Internet providers
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2011, 08:14:38 pm »

Got to agree with you!

Its amazing to me how difficult it is these days to get the companies that are still in business to be motivated...  We end up moving clients only when their existing provider(s) seem to have problem making things happen.

I called a provider out of the blue the other day just to ask if they could bond connections for my customers. They didn't but with a little education they were willing to learn and seriously consider it.  Another company I had called earlier couldn't get me off the phone fast enough...   Its not like they had to buy anything to support this, as its just configuration.  My customers would be buying extra service, extra money to the local telco for one, two or three more dsl lines depending on their needs, and been very happy.

Some times your business model has to adapt in order for your business to survive... and this is not the time to be upsetting customers..

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Re: Internet providers
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2012, 12:55:03 pm »
Having been on full service U-Verse for over a year now, I  can say this.
My only beef with AT&T Uverse is the daily updatings it does on the DVR. Seems I loose the picture on a chanel every morning. (We won't talk about the Big System Upgrade they did last year)
My options are to either reboot the DVR to get it back "OR" wait for the miday update to get it back.
I know that ain't what you're referring to. I guess being in the old Bellsouth sector we don't have the equipment issues you refer to.
Plus, We get the Southern Georgia Peaches at the Southeast Call centers. You can't help but be nice to them. LOL!
But the key to minimizing a lot of issues is to do a full system shutdown and reboot at least once a month. Doing that I don't have the issues I hear others are having.
I'm still Happier with U-Verse than Con-cast. And have more money in my pocket since my Con-cast days.
But that's just me.