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Guest Posting
« on: February 10, 2002, 04:33:52 pm »
If you're visiting our board, you can post once you register.
All you need to do is add a user name and password with a email address. If your worried about your main email get a or address. We donīt sell email addressīs or spam your email with usless info.
The benifits of being a member allows you accsess to ask questions and help, the calendar for public and private posting. internal email on the board to get in touch with other members, and eventually the new chat that will be added in the future, and more.

Itīs meant to help you and others, but to be some fun as well without the big adverts in your face or at least not the popups.
Once your a member. click on New Topic or reply enter the info you want and you can post.
We REALLY would like for you to join our team and join the fun we have here.
The simple registration (no fees)(no spams) and you become a DSLNut team member. DSLnuts is funded by its members and owners. if you see a add its to hopefully save money for the members.

The Donate button on the main pages are only if your satisfied with everything you get here and there is no pressure for you to make a donation  
So come on.. sign up now
If you ever have a question about this or anything on the site you can contact anyone of the Moderators, Administrators, or owners and it will be answered as soon as possible. Remember there are no stupid questions.

Thank you  :cone: