Author Topic: Just a educational thought. From P.O.d Neighbors  (Read 2048 times)

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Just a educational thought. From P.O.d Neighbors
« on: October 03, 2017, 12:18:09 pm »
Just a thought.. Since allot of politicians have no Clue. and tons of Waste is going on. ESP. in Chicago.
Most of whats here is Fact and by other Neighbors here in our Area.. Our opinion aint always important but this effects everyone that Pissed off in Cook County which is 90% of our Neighbors

Lets Pay a Penny and Ounce... Yeah that will fix the sugar problem esp in Diet sugar Free drinks they claim has Sugar and Charging for that to.
Lets Keep needless computers in Grade Schools. That will Teach for the Teachers and Parents


Why not express the fix. By fixing it with Physical Education.. OH That right.... Most Counties and Large City's did away with Phys Ed.
Just like they did away with Music in a lot of School districts.
Or lets get rid of the basics of English and Hand Writing.. OH that right.. They cant sign there names.

The Silicon Valley School system did away with Computers.. That made sense. Now Kids know how to use a Pen and Paper. Now they're learning to interact by having to Talk again..

Parents work allot of Hours so I understand them being Tired.. But spend a little time with your Kids with Homework
Maybe they'll know how to read script one day. When they cant Read a Simple Address on a building. thier might be a problem. YES we ran into that problem.

Yup Lets charge a penny an Ounce for Sugar. That will stop the parents and Kids from becoming un-healthy.
Thats a Great Fix.. The only fix its making in Chicago and Cook County is to Chase more people to stores outside the county. Eventually none of the neighborhoods will have a Grocery store in Chicago.. Case and Point. 70% of all small neighborhood stores are leaving and the store fronts are empty.. WHY because of Nickle's Dimes and pennies that Cook County and Chicago is taking out of the mouths of Families and Businesses...

So lets just keep it up.. Illinois and Cook county wont be happy till they loose more people to other States with Fair practice.

This is just thoughts on what BS that Governments have done esp. here in our home state.

Please Help Educate your politicians.. OR enough is Enough.

Im just happy my Kids can go shopping outside of our town and County to buy what we need.

NOTE: For Thanks Giving our Groceries Will be Purchased outside of Illinois in Southeastern Wisconsin. It will save us 50% off feeding the Family.. AND we will Give Thanks...

This in no way is an endorsement for Pop We barley drink it.. But we do Drink Juice and they charge for that too.
Elderly people are having to pay a added penny a ounce for Cranberry Juice. And its healthy.
Don't bother buying Sugar Free bottle Tea.. Yup You got it its also hit for the Tax.

Here is the Best part. If your on WICK.. There is No Tax

Thanks fro Reading the Rambling.
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