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understanding registry values
« on: September 24, 2002, 04:09:51 pm »
it is impossible to understand registry values. for win98/or win2k in cablenut. you have all these settings, but not 1 description as to how they work or what they do. i searched the help file and it said nothing and listed an outdated link to microsft that was dead. i went to microsoft and searched and found nothing of relavency.

what i would like is that for every registry input, you put a help file that says what it does, and the MAX and LOWEST setting and how raising and lowering it will affect your connection. you assume that all of us know whats this means. you could also add some websites or something that help explains this. i installed the patch and it did nothing for win xp. the patches have always worked for 98, but it did nothing this time.
you can also add links in this thread to sites that have easy to understand descriptions of how to tweak the registry.

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Re:understanding registry values
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2002, 07:25:32 am »
Welcome to the forums ;D. This is something we are working on to add to Cablenut to help people understand the values. In the mean time I have 2 posts with defintions and default values for every settings. Look here for 98 & ME and here for 2K & XP. Hope this helps, just ask if you need anymore assistance. :) ;)
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