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Please Read Prior To Asking For Help


There have been allot of new members lately and that is AWESOME ;D, everyone wants help with tweaking their internet connection and that's why Cablenut was invented and that's why we are here.... to help you with any assistance you may need. But before we can properly help you we need your help, just a little bit of information..... if you would please read my post here and post the answers to the questions at the top, this post will also give you some good information and basics on tweaking. Glad to see all the new members and as always just ask if you need any help at all.

Thank You,

The Cablenut Crew  ;D 8)

Ide like to add since we are basically a FREE site with Volunteer help. We maynot always be able to answer everyoneís questions immediately. We all have other lives besides working on this project.
Theirs also 4 other websites involved with DSLnuts that can pull us away.
Not to mention the back side of this server that you donít see that can be allot of added work. However if we didnít like what we do we wouldnít be here.
Iím hoping others just like yourselves enjoy the site to stay around and help us keep this great place going.

So now that you read this and I donít want to make it too long please have some fun and Read the thread mnosteele pointed out here.


Thanks from Dannjr and all the team


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