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Been awhile since I posted
« on: October 07, 2002, 01:37:18 am »
New stuff
We recently moved to a new server. We also started a new sub website for our local other Admin "Mnosteele" called "Drtweak" at

A few weeks ago we started a new Forum within our Discussion Group on extended support for the Cablenut program.. So if you can help or have questions come on and Join up or sign in.. The Forum is free to all and We dont spam.

The Cablenut program is still alive and kicking.. However We would like some input to see what you would like to see added to the program. Let us know in the Discussion forum.

Linux Mandrake 9 came out a couple of weeks ago has a bunch of new stuff in it.. If you have used Mandrake 9 and like it let us know..
I have been trying to get some time to get version 9 on my box, but havent had the time.

Its that time of year Virus stuff is starting to be a bigger headache please for your sake, and ours. Make sure your virus definitions are up to date
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