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AboCom Router
« on: November 18, 2002, 01:56:40 am »
I had a chance to evaluate this router
The CAS3040
It has everything that its says it has and more with the newest firmaware that they dont have on the website yet but I do

Ok PPPoE connects at a true MTU of 1492 with you being able to adjust it anywhere on the scale you want

Besides these features
*1 port 10/100 Mbps N-Way Fast Ethernet for WAN (Internet connection).
*4 ports 10/100Mbps N-Way Fast Ethernet Switch for LAN.
*Supports VPN (PPTP and IPsec pass through).
*Supports PPPoE.
*Auto-reconnect/disconnect for PPPoE.
*Supports Internet applications such as Web, ICQ, FTP, Telnet, E-Mail, News,NetMeeting, PCAnyWhere, Iphone, MSN, Counter Strike, IPsec, ¡Ketc.
*Natural firewall keeps hackers out.
*Supports DoS (Denial of Service) hacker pattern detection and Event Log.
*DHCP server allocates up to 253 client IP addresses.
*DHCP client to get global IP address automatically.
*Supports DHCP Static IP up to 10 sets.
*Supports Virtual server up to 20 sets.
*Policy based Packet Filters/Access Control and Time Schedule Control.
*Web-based user interface for Local/Remote Configuration and Management.
*Flash memory for firmware upgrade.
*Virtual DMZ Host Supported.
*Blocks WAN request.
*System Configuration can be saved and loaded.
*Support Network Time (SNTP).
*System Log up to 64 items.
*Supports IP Filters up to 6 sets.
*Supports MAC Filters up to 32 sets.
*Supports Filter Scheduling.
Support Windows NT 4.x,/98/ 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

heres what they dont show
Domain proxy
Static DHCP you dont need to set a static IP at the machine do it from the router
Auto detects MAC address's via the router with a simple MAC table report
Save your settings in a bin file to a given machine
Besides setting up a password for the router you can specify which computer can connect internally to the router and by what port
Allows you to have more than one Virtual server Up to 20 I know that was on the list above had to add my comment :D
Block internal  MAC address's not just IP
Supports certain games along with VOIP
Theres allot more inside

Simple for the NoObie with everything for a expert

It came up as stealth at GRC.COM at the firewall

Most routers come with a max of 512 meg memory with either a AMD CPU or Samsung
This one has a
ADMtek 5016 processor and the memory is 1Gig.

The router has the foot print of the netgear 114 without the heat in other words you wont fry an egg on it.

Iv been using it now for a week without a problem that dosnt mean its perfect it just means I havnt had a problem with it yet..
When the person that Im supposed to get this one to calls for me to put it in Im probably gonna go get one for me.. thats when my LinksysVPN router becomes the backup router.

For you cable users it allows for the MAC addy to be added
connects right away. Im not sure about any problems with it on a cable connection as the real test is best on DSL.. Besides cable here has way to much latency for me to be fare

Microsoft on AboCom they support the company cant be all bad  :-\  

Last but not least... Where can you get it
This might look like Im pushing a sale but in reality I wont make a dime off you buying from here $59 make sure to call it in that you want the CAS3040. They tend to change some of there supplies from time to time..
hint: Its under network stuff

If anyone has had a Good or bad experiance with this company Ide like to read about it.. Let us all know

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