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Listen up
« on: November 23, 2002, 11:55:41 am »
I posted this on one of our older boards some time ago

Whats DSLnuts, Broadbandnuts and Cablenut all about..
3 people started all of this with some tweaking and fun involved.. We raised some eye brows and shocked allot of people with some pretty hair balled things.. But its always been done under as many facts as possible..
We spent a full year digging through Microsoft, MIT and RFC’x to get all the info.
In the mean time we tested our findings on allot of people and most of it lead to the program as you have it now.

This is a collaboration of three.. Considering how many people it takes just to release on RFC or a Great paper from MIT I would place what we did on a pretty high plain.. Im sure theres still people at Microsoft in the Archive dept pregnant doging about all the piss poor papers they had to straighten out, thanks to us..

Our web sites and this Forum are here for you to get help and to have fun.. We dont ask others to do our dirty work unless "they" really want to.. Everyone thats involved with helping here is a volunteer Including the 3 that started all of this.
We havent made a Dime off of any off this.. Sure we have had some great people stand up people contribute donations or time some even contributed equipment. But no where near  what it costs to keep this site and this forum running.

So the bottom line and the reason for this article.. It seems certain web sites are still doing a slam thing.. Fine I could care less about that in fact the more they slam the better. You know who you are you chicken **** people that cant read white papers..
It also seems that one or two comments have been made in out own forum that really arent to bad but, But the way the comments have been its based on some disrespect..
I will not tolerate disrespect of anyone on this forum we all can have an opinion and we can all have some fun.. But Im not letting cancer in on this board..
In three years only one person has been locked out permanently the other two was for three days for advertising unrelated sex ware and the forth lost his DSL connection due to trying to hack out yours and my personal information..

If I need to I will start locking posts on people that disrespect. If it continues I will lock whoever that person is out. The site has grown to over a thousand users with over 400 active users not including the 50,000 average views a day.. Try and keep this in mind. Cause you can only make yourself look bad.. The crew and I are well seasoned in dealing with trouble

Thanks for taking the time to read this long pain in the butt thread
Dannjr and the Team

to add

I have full faith that everyone here buggyman, mnosteele and the Crew. Thay are quite capable of handling anything that comes up.. The main team is very busy, so its sometimes hard for us to get on here. When we do we tend to not always have time for everyone like we would like, but we take everyones problem serious..

Thanks again
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