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News for Broadbandnuts & DSLnuts / Re: Bonding DSL Circuits
« Last post by chpalmer on May 26, 2012, 01:50:50 pm »
Please- if you an ISP or have knowledge of an ISP that provides this type of bonding, sign up and share.    ;D
News for Broadbandnuts & DSLnuts / Re: NEW AT&T Email settings
« Last post by Buggyman on May 02, 2012, 09:13:53 am »
An added info just so you'll know.  ;)
I was finally affected by this change on May 1 2012.
The ATT website said this...
"but if you are using the old server settings ( and, they will continue to work. You do not have to change them at this time."

Mine was through yahoo and that old setting delayed my e-mails over 12 hour  :as:
Made the change to the new setting and it's working normal so far  ;)

Buggy ;D
This article also helps get around some of the weird..
Its written by By Bill Petrey, Realtor. I figure if you came here you might want to see this article that worked out that has the negative title.. With just cause.

I can't remember if I mentioned this but we recently moved our directv behind the pfSense firewall to utilize the FreeBSD 8.1 OS which seems to handle the connection even better with even more balance. AND since Directv loved using 2 IP addy's.. The Static IP we assigned and an additional IP the DVR decides it likes to try and grab this eliminated the DHCP requests of the DVR or at least we blocked it  ::) Its working even better.
Small update to all of this.
We've had the connection for 30 days now.
SSH to our router inside the network and getting to both the 2wire and pfSense has been working great.
But a couple of things to mention.. AND its not real important but for some it might be.
If you plan on using SSH back to your server for any reason you'll have to use a port other then 22
That's blocked by the 2wire..
Also if you use Traceroute from inside your network through a router. The 2wire will not let the packets answer back to to pass back to your connection.
It seems AT&T read a small article on how that can be a security risk and blocks it at the before the DMZ-plus..
They also do a couple of things that other ISP's have recently enabled was black hole's everywhere to not advirt there network as easily.. Covad, now Mega path is doing the same thing.
Comcast is thinking of doing it and with business SMC routers putting that particular cable modem in Bridge mode is a pain and your better off using the DMX in the SMC.
Keep in mind DOCSIS3 aint all that yet.. they only use it for download and not uploads yet

So far we're happy with our results..
We're still MYTH-ED at why it had to take almost 6 months of phones calls to get this all done.
AND one day I'll bring myself to telling that story.. They haven't made it as easy and requires pateints for 12 and 24Mb connections.

Back to moving the network room to the cold dungeon and making a new office area.

General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by dannjr on April 14, 2012, 11:14:52 am »

Im confused  (easy to do)

So from the iNID outside you have a patch cord from the rj45 to the WAN port of your pfSense router?  Does the pfSense box also have a direct connection to the inside 2wire router?

We have a Cat6 connected to our pfSense direct from outside at the ethernet port of the provided box (iNID)...
However I tested this with a Cat5 cable inside as well and it worked.. I was also able to get a public and private WAN assigned if I want.
2 WAN NIC cards with one LAN card.. CARP virtual IP's stayed on the public due to there IP assignments and even pass all ACK ARP threw the Realtek card.. We have succsessfully used this inside and out now..
I prefure using the outside ethernet connection only because its closer to the source of the vRAD
In anyevent its still behind the QoS of the phone and TV part of the layer... bUT again its a LAYER that passes properly..
If I had the equiptment here to check RF through it I would
All protocols are passing including as of today and I was really surprised to see IPv6 logging as well.. This was something that the 2wire with this equiptment dosnt show.. Unlike our other U-veres 2wire which allows us to setup IPv6.. The version here justs lets it pass.. So using a different IPv6 might be ok to use..
Note to get even more confusion I was able to use other Subnet mask IP's as well but prefure
General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by chpalmer on April 13, 2012, 07:41:15 pm »

Im confused  (easy to do)

So from the iNID outside you have a patch cord from the rj45 to the WAN port of your pfSense router?  Does the pfSense box also have a direct connection to the inside 2wire router?

General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by dannjr on April 12, 2012, 10:24:56 am »
You need a new electric buggy..  :big:

Your speeds are almost exact to ours here
12 down by 1.5Mb upload

See if you can find a router.. Wired is fine.. Don't nessassarly have to have Wireless in it  ;D
Try the DNS IP's in the all the computers and see how long you go without having to unplug

Informational Ramblings below here  ;D
Bottom line its about 6Mb down and 1.5up with the DVR during a download of a Movie on Demand will pull as much as half the 12Mb over the Quality of Service

The Qos of U-verse is to put your TV and phones first.. Most movies downloaded that you might record for a TV show are done during the time of the show. So if you and the Wifey have two shows and you want to see survivor later on the DVR will pull that show then for viewing later on.
So it really depends on the U-verse network
If they download at 5Mb which I'm still looking into Since we still use Directv
But in any event.. Most movies and TV shows to the DVR will use 5 to 6 Mb
Something thats overlooked is the phones use bandwidth as well
Its about 65 to 90Kb per line and can increase with the use of extensions and thats also reserved in laymens terms to the QoS layer above internet.

Since U-verse is really a Ethernet connection and Fiber in some places is used or Fiber to the VRAD to copper
to the homes.. We have fiber to just past the vRad which I found really strange at 3000 feet and then copper to what they call vDSL or similar but not the same as DSL2... AND thats about as far over most peoples heads I'll go.. Unless someone else wants to go into Fiber channel vDSL ethernet with a Twisted MLPPP bonding connection which of all them terms AT&T says they dont support and I don't blame them from staying away from the topic... 

That all said.. Someone Emailed me accusing me of being a AT&T employee..
NOPE far from it.. Years ago I did some winbacks to bring customers back to AT&T and it was MUCH better to not have to do that..
I also got to know a couple people that worked in the C.O.s  Usually was just ot get a Card turned on and get togehter.. nuttin much more... I also have mixed fealings about AT&T and the way things are being done.
The people that work the phones are great.. Mostley polite and do what they have control over.
The personal running the company need to look at where there going.. Its much easier to setup a Cable connection then U-verse for Static IP's but the Tech support at the cable company STINKS. Along with the Deals they lie about.
Ide rather be be told NO by AT&T at least I know where I stand then be out right LIED to by Comcast..

AT&T is still the better of the evils...

I also figured Since there be rumors floating around about
AT&T selling off there DSL lines that I best do something before we had nuttin here

The pickins be slim..
Covad and speakeasy and others got assimilated by Megapath.
Earthlink is still on leased lines with a few others.
The only real ISP who has really just done there job for us without allot of Tech phones calls has been Cyberonic and they haven't gone without allot of changes.. But it just keeps going..

As for how we kept 2 DSL lines and got U-verse that's a whole other story and won't give out how that was done and would never be done for a residential customer

General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by Buggyman on April 12, 2012, 08:41:41 am »
Everything idle from my house to Chicago....

Download Speed: 11507 kbps (1438.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1465 kbps (183.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

I believe downloading time on the DVR is during the wee hours unless I misunderstood the how that is done.
As for Phone calls, nobody calls me any more any how.  :big:

I gave my old router away when we switched from comcrapt   :as:   to U-vere.  :elephant:

We official became U-versers in Febuary 2009 when they first began offering it during the start up in January 2009.
I have no regrets the switch.  ;)

Buggy ;D
General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by dannjr on April 11, 2012, 10:56:25 am »
This is a good spot to start with a speedtest
Then Make sure to pick your area on the side view map
Also do the test without using a DVR at the time
Then try with durring a phone call and downloading a movie to the DVR like a on demand..

ALSO to get rid of rebooting..
If you have a old router around AND I think you do..
Connect it to the inside Uverse router(2wire)
let it sit for awhile and loggin to the 2wire or inside router and look for the name of your added router.
then goto the Firewall find it in pinholes and put it in the DMZplus below all the port names
goto your home router and plug in a computer and open that router and input the Google public DNS IP's and if possible the OpenDNS IP's.
AND a Public IP I can't give you in the forum but you can PM me for.
This makes U-verse work much better for your internet. It may just surprise you with IE9

Your phone and DVR's are on priority over the internet to make sure they work first in QoS(quality of service)
With the Added DNS that your home router will use its like having added keep alive and generally clears the cobwebs as the home router runs its keep alive..
U-verse has no problem with that and you might find you don't have to reboot anymore other then after a big upgrade by AT&T.
U-verse has been around about 4 years and I find that generally its 3 years for any company to get more stable with this type of stuff.
In AT&T's case it may not be till the end of summer with the internet protocol IPv6 going live this summer..

As for the Reboot we discussed back then... Just keep an eye on the connection if and when you add the router.

As for our other Uverse it started as a Dslam and went to full U-verse..
Your connection if you have U-verse with phones and TV.
With everything idle.. Depending on your speed.
For instance
A 12down x 1.5upload
just the speedtest should be about 11.5 down and the upload will stay at or about 1.5

With a phone call and DVR downloading.
12 should become 6 and the upload will stay at 1.5
Again its QoS   
General Tech Support / Re: U-verse comments and support here
« Last post by Buggyman on April 11, 2012, 09:09:56 am »
Of course I speak from a Residential point with U-Verse.
Here in Northeast Florida where I live, The Uverse is a true full package deal that it was designed for. We have full fiber optic to the com center and most of our residents are less than 3,000 feet from that com. Most of the Northeast Florida had the fiber optic infrastruture in place by Bellsouth before Bellsouth and AT&T made the Marriage. AT&T had the U-verse. Bellsouth had the infrastructure. 
Speaking among other Residents is the same area, I find that if certain elements are not available, problem or more problemetic.
Then there is the "not understanding how to use U-verse".
U-verse is a computer deal. So think of your self as a work station user without Administrator access.  ;)
Here at my house we have two lap tops and one desktop. We have win XP, windows vista and Windows 7.
The web browsing experience, believe it or not is fine on the XP and the Vista.
But the Windows 7 has been problemetic and the blame is on the IE 9 Browser. The latest IE web browser will not allowyou to do certain online stuff you could before.
To fix the problem you have to use a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Using either one and all the issues you had with the IE 9 browser goes away.  :big:

When I first signed up for U-vers over a year ago. Dr Dan gave me a valuable tip.  :tthumbup:
And that was... shut down the gateway at least once a month.
Note I said "shutdown, not reboot.
You have to be careful when you are shutting down the Gateway router. You could lose your settings such as the router name. passwords etc.
All I do is pull the plug from the gateway itself (to bypass the battery back up). (warning, doing this leaves you with out tv, phone and internet) I do the DVR and two tv recivers as well.
Walk away for about 20 minutes and then began powering it all back up one by one starting with the gateway then the DVR and the each TV reciever.
I wait for each one to fully boot up before starting the next one.

We also have one thing down here that my make some of you jealouse.  :big:
The Call center that handles our calls is either Atlanta or Chattanooga Tennessee. Gota love them Southern ladies!  :elephant:

My "only" complaints is the billing. U-verse bills in advance which can wack hovac while taking advanage of some of their freebies offers.
And the use of Yahoo. The Yahoo and AT&T marriage was a bad one in my opinion and cause a lot of confusion to the New U-verse users.

I've not speed tested the Internet speed. We have the high speed connection which is a heck of a lot better than the low speed package. Especially when you have a Wifey who does a lot of  photo e-mailing. ::)
If The good Doctor let me know where to test the line speed, I'll be glad to post the results!

Buggy ;D

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