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Title: Yahoo maybe exposed
Post by: dannjr on April 26, 2010, 02:30:16 pm
Exposed: maybe, you decide..
We use Firefox quite a bit and use a start page to a website without yahoo on it..
Firefox comes with several search providers one being yahoo..
But none of the other search providers show up in the progress bar not like yahoo..

At that point I know I must be compromised on my system why would yahoo show up loading in the progress bar..
I use Google as my primary search engine in firefox.. and Google and MSN are way ahead of yahoo
So I checked the workstation I'm at and nothing bad comes up.

I already have ABP (add blocker plus) in Firefox So I go to and decide to block out advirts from there..
Turns out everything by definition on the yahoo website is feed threw there advirtising server even there news..
Put two and two together..
ANYWAY I go into Firefox where its installed and go into the pluggins folder and remove the yahoo.xml file
I go do a search in "Documents and Settings" for yahoo and remove the 2 folders I find..
I then went into ABP and added to the ABP program..
I then went back to and while all the functions were there I didnt have to have any of there advirtising.

Yeah the page is a little ugly but I dont need yahoo controlling my workstation..
By the way since doing that all my pages open even faster without the yahoo redirect..

They really shoulda allowed Microsoft to buy up yahoo cause at this rate there gonna be exposed to more and more