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Title: A Super Firewall
Post by: dannjr on March 15, 2012, 09:41:43 am
We instated a couple of firewalls a few weeks ago..
These cover the Servers which take care of all the email and websites
within the firewall(s) we have a option to block certain countries and cities
for instance the Baidu spider from Beiging China or the
top known spammers and spam bots.
Keep in mind no firewall is perfect but these seem to do the trick

Firewall Stats of blocked bad guys for the servers for the past couple weeks
Our users have been real happy not having to deal with Spam and We've been extremely happy not having to deal with
Baidu and Asia Bot's.

These numbers are based on just 2 of our servers
Server 2
Asia                                      23091
Europe                         9657
South America                      17

Server 1
Top Spammers                      625
Africa                               650
Asia                                    20688
Europe                               17987
South America                 3632  Mostly Brazil
Baidu                                  148    See Asia as well
dotnetdotcomorg              150
Wordlightcom                  320
limestonenetworkscom      12
amazoncom                        170

We run an extensive cloud (internet) servers and as of this date the email servers are at a all time low for spam and have only seen 12 virus hit the mail servers which were removed.

You might notice that Amazon is on that list.. Please keep in mind we are not blocking Amazon email or the website only an exploit that was detected coming out of Germany through Amazon.
We dont block all of Germany and we certainly don't block all of Europe
But the numbers your seeing above is just how bad these spammers want to exploit yours and our information..

The United States of America is nothing to laugh at either.
We still see a good amount of spam from here as well as viruses and some of that might be coming from companies that are from outside the united states using servers here.
The United states is a large resource for spam. Maybe one of the largest.

At this time I want to thank the providers of our firewall and custom settings
from and the Very user friendly addon from Countryblock and IPblocklist
If you have a spare computer and a Gig or more of memory with a Dual core CPU and two or more network cards you could have the same firewall capability within your home or office making a Safe point for all your computers

most of the info for building a pfSense can be gotten here

One other thing since using pfSense we noticed that allot of wasted bandwidth and Latency have seemed to be gone.
our connections are not working as hard and we're able to get our communications out in half the time.

Please We're not a corporation or a large company we do this as a help to others who may have a small office or a home that may need help from time to time.. This is a Educational website along with, and

Our one and only advertisement on the website helps us to keep all of this going. Clicking on the advert and checking them out not only helps us but helps them as well.

If you like something you see on Cyberonic Pick up the phone and give them a call.. You might be surprised when someone actually picks up the phone.

Title: Re: A Super Firewall
Post by: dannjr on March 15, 2012, 10:06:47 am
PLEASE NOTE: A couple of us here can give limited support here on DSLnuts. We've used different versions of pfSense and basically know what versions have worked best for us..
Everything from VOIP to bonding multiple connections or using Fail over connections.

We currently have a pfSense firewall setup using a 12x1.5 comcast connection with a 6x768 DSL connection
The speedtests reflect 54Mb x 5Mb to a office that uses a little over a gig a day using RDP remote connections email and file transfers.