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Title: NEW AT&T Email settings
Post by: dannjr on March 29, 2012, 05:03:15 pm
Yes the world is going insane.. While we're using our new firewall to make things better for us.
AT&T has New Email setting's

Here's a link to the NEW setup  (

Basically if your email is working now but a little spotty
you should change the POP and SMTP settings from to
and to
You may or may not have to make additional changes
The Link above includes links to program settings that include Thunderbird or Outlook and more..

We hope this helped with getting your email working again.

Title: Re: NEW AT&T Email settings
Post by: Buggyman on May 02, 2012, 09:13:53 am
An added info just so you'll know.  ;)
I was finally affected by this change on May 1 2012.
The ATT website said this...
"but if you are using the old server settings ( and, they will continue to work. You do not have to change them at this time."

Mine was through yahoo and that old setting delayed my e-mails over 12 hour  :as:
Made the change to the new setting and it's working normal so far  ;)

Buggy ;D