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Title: AT&T all over again. EMAIL and Billing
Post by: dannjr on January 03, 2012, 11:07:55 am
For the longest time AT&T has allowed email to go out for 3rd party and business on SMTP outgoing port 587 to reduce some of the abuse on there system..   About DEC. 28th they decided to block 587 and open port 25. That's great in some respects if you don't have over 200 computers using port 587. This was done to all customers from U-verse to DSL and it was fun getting calls from all over during the holiday season.
Altho for U-Verse customers your forced to call in and tell them that your not able to use Port 587 that you've been using based on there rules and ask for port 25 to be opened.. What they don't tell you is that they will hit you with a $29 fee to this.
NOW.... If your a AT&T Business customer with U-Verse and business Telco in more them one location or even at the same location. They decided to move the U-verse end to the business area finally.. But again this had to be done during the holidays.. That can make for some confusion for users.. So if you goto login to your account now.. Go to the business login and use the drop down menu to get to your "Business U-Verse..

I do Want to Thank AT&T for making New Years Day into a wonderful Day...
I'm sure this wont be the worst of it, as Congress revs up to mess up the web with a rule that won't work when they need to look at that set of rules closer.. and maybe concentrate on the economic garbage we're all in.
Updated see post.
HAPPY NEW YEAR  :tthumbup:   
Title: Re: AT&T all over again. EMAIL and Billing UPDATE
Post by: dannjr on January 10, 2012, 06:10:17 pm
Update: AT&T has opened SMTP port... It was noticed when Telnet the server to a log
I believe this happened today Jan 10 2012
We're seriously considering leaving AT&T...

rDNS is also being updated with our other company..
If anyone has a suggestion for a much faster provider we're listening... Just don't say Comcast because there unreliable in this area. 
Title: Re: AT&T all over again. EMAIL and Billing
Post by: chpalmer on January 10, 2012, 07:48:05 pm
Talk em into doing MLPPP for you.  ;)   

* If one of the links goes down the other(s) stay live.
* One WAN.

Cable is the closest thing to "Fiber to the home" that you can get without actual fiber right to the home...   THats as close as Ill get-   Honest!     :as:

Whats the fastest DSL circuit you can get?

Title: Re: AT&T all over again. EMAIL and Billing
Post by: dannjr on January 11, 2012, 01:23:58 am
12Mb x 1Mb with U-verse
6Mb x 768 with Cyberonic right this minute due to some changes going on with Covad and Megapath.
I might be able to get a 10Mb x 10Mb over air. But there IP filters on port 80 is a mess right now (motorola)
There aint a whole lot in this area like some would think right now..
I really dont want to mess with the Grandfathered in cyberonic connection right now...
The bottom line is to work toward getting away from some of AT&T junk... You get tired real quick when you have to be on the phone at least once a month cause they don't leave things alone..